Animati – Computing for Healthcare


Animati is a provider of high-quality healthcare solutions that delivers good economic value and supported by strong clinical evidence.


Bringing to market the Animati PACS – a Picture Archiving and Communication System based on international standards and developing a set of technologies that enable continuous improvement – Animati presents a broad spectrum of ways of designing an efficient radiological workflow. Our solutions are consistently geared to the needs of our users and incorporating a modern understanding of the various roles involved for the radiology activity.


Animati solutions optimize the whole workflow – from image acquisition to diagnosis. At one and the same time, it can increase economic efficiency and improve patient care. Animati uses sophisticated interface technology so that the solutions fit seamlessly into the system landscape. Quite apart from the conventional radiological workflow, which the Animati models fully with its consistently role-based approach for maximum efficiency and low costs. Its versatile, web-based communication platform gives an unrestricted flow of information, and its modular, scalable structure ensures that the range of roles available can match user’s needs and also be extended flexibly afterwards at any time whatsoever.



Animati PACS fits seamlessly into existing systems (HIS/RIS) and ensures that the information flows smoothly irrespective of location. All system modules – from the teleradiology tools to referrer portal – have one thing in common: they sustainably increase the efficiency of your radiological workflows.

As soon as a diagnosis has been made, benefit from the latest web technology by sending this immediately referring physician and avoid time delays. The workflow runs smoothly for rapid and successful treatment for the patients. Networking via the internet – especially between treating doctors and radiologists – creates great potential for quality improvements because of the rapid and specific exchange of essential information on diagnosis and therapy:


  • animati4Improved workload management and more efficient workflow organization thanks to direct communication on available examination capacities;
  • Diagnoses and examination data are transmitted in “real time” and are immediately retrievable;
  • Use of their medical reports by referring doctors to expand on the diagnosis also saves time.

Our approach is not just confined to the range of functions covered by the software. It also applies to our service provision, where completeness, continuity and individual customization are always central. For our customers and scientific partners, we are a partner who delivers innovations and also follows up and helps with continuous improvement. We spend a lot of time on your special processes and optimization requests. We model your requirements in every detail – completely and understandably. As for implementing and integrating our software into third-party systems, maximum transparency is a chief concern for us. We define the workflow and ensure that your daily processes are not impaired as far as possible.


Sustainability occupies a particularly important role at Animati. Even today, our first Animati PACS users are still among our satisfied customers. Our dynamic products convince everyone who has made the decision to opt for Animati. Not least of the reasons behind this is that they come bundled with sophisticated project management, a first-class training concept and skilled and proven customer service. Before start up, every user is carefully trained for live work with the system right from the start. To enable rapid, high-quality diagnostics, all your resources are used to the full in each individual work step in manner consistent with your own facilities.


animati1Animati was officially founded in April 2008 and was accepted into the Technology Incubator of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM) Campus. After the University Startup process, still located in Santa Maria-RS-Brazil and maintains key partnerships with academia, which enables a model of service that comes with state of the art in scientific research. The company and the Animati PACS are ANVISA (National Health Surveillance Agency) approved, which reflects our commitment to follow the regulatory and national standardization policies.


Today, Animati is regarded as one of the leading systems for radiology workflow solutions in Brazil, having plenty of successful cases that are spread all over the country. The number of Animati PACS installations in use continues its steady upward growth. Medical institutions of all sizes already rely on Animati in their daily work – in radiological and group practices, hospitals and clinic groups as well as university clinics.